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SOLID East, New York September 11, 2019

8:30am – 9:00am Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00am Welcome Ceremony – Call to Action and Summit Overview

Table Introductions

Session 1: The Big Picture – Macro Drivers of Change

Brad Rogers – Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Staff, TIAA

Intentional design of a legal function

Brad will share his experience creating a data driven staffing plan, enabled by re-engineered capabilities that has resulted in flexible and efficient staffing and world class capability, managed across a complex enterprise. Brad will highlight some of his process , including

  • Re-platforming the business with modern technology
  • Offshoring and outsourcing
  • Rethinking outside counsel and harnessing innovation of partners
  • Implementing real business discipline
  • Transforming the operating model

Malvina Iannone, Executive Counsel, Global Legal Shared Services, General Electric

What Not to Do When Creating Your Legal Innovation Program…and Still Succeed

NextGEN Technology can look so shiny and promising but without the right “Why,” metrics, and business focus you will fail. Here is the recipe on how to recover and succeed from The Shiny Technology jumpstart.


Fireside Chat – Legal Transformation, Robotics and Automation – Let’s get real people!

Eric Derk – Director – Executive Director, Ernst & Young

Legal teams are being bombarded with buzz around innovation, robotics, artificial intelligence and automation. Plus, there is magic in the air with the “Single Platform Theory” so what’s the reality on these capabilities and how should legal teams be looking at their fundamental ways of working in the context of all this hype? This talk will focus on the practical realities and real world applications of these concepts with an eye to kickstarting innovation in your legal team.

Lisa Ripley – Director of eDiscovery and Information Governance, Oracle

The Unintended Consequences of Brilliant Innovation

So many firms are engaged and involved with saving money, driving efficiency, improving productivity and reducing information technology headcount. But what are the unintended consequences and new surprise expenses and challenges that come with some of this innovation. Lisa is an expert in eDiscovery, information governance, records management, information technology, and legal operations. She will share her journey and the pros and cons of clever innovation.

Chris Brown – Chief Product Officer, Relativity

Transformation: Consumers as the Source of Innovation

Innovation is driven by the need of the consumer. As the challenges that consumers face continue to evolve, so must the user experience and the technology behind it. Today, companies increasingly need to take charge of their data—to exercise more control over where it sits and implement thoughtful design around how their people interact with technology to derive value from data. Join Relativity’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Brown as he discusses this evolution and what Relativity is doing to continually innovate to anticipate customer needs, including simplifying user experience and increasing support for ever changing data sources.

Table Discussions and Town Hall

Morning Break

Session Two: Innovation in Action – Corporate Use Cases 

Dina Ganz Traugot – Group General Counsel, Corporate Legal Operations, Travelers

Contagious Innovation: How to Run an Innovation Sprint and Empower Your Law Department

What started out as a modest innovation Sprint wound up involving 87 teams of lawyers and resulting in the creation of The Legal Innovation & Experimentation Team that has changed the image, brand and reputation of the Travelers legal department.

Christine Kaufmann – Head Counsel Legal Operations, Takeda

How to Reshape Legal Operations Efforts When Global Giants Merge

Christine will share her experience, including who’s in charge of what, and how to either untangle or share resources.

Ryan Costello – Head of Data Privacy Engagement Services, Legal CDO, ProSearch

What Rome’s Clandestine Do-Gooders Can Teach Us About Innovation

In Rome, Italy, the secretive G.A.P. organization is a group of clandestine municipal volunteers who have taken to patching roads and cleaning up city structures where the Eternal City’s bureaucracy has failed local citizens. Masked and under cover of night, the gappisti’s constructive sabotage is re-defining what the average citizen can do to affect change. How can the concept of constructive sabotage be applied to considering innovation for what it truly means? And what might the implications for be for technology and eDiscovery? A simple, straight-forward agent for change might be the most innovative concept yet.

Marc Jenkins – Director of Legal Operations, Senior Counsel, Asurion

How to Get Started: Jump-Starting an Innovative Legal Program (Spoiler Alert – It’s Hard)

Marc Jenkins shares his journey from 2 months of frustrations to 2 years of wild success, and how you can do it too.

  • Build a Process Roadmap That Establishes Credibiity and Builds Momentum
  • Find Your Test Pilots To Move Your Initiatives Forward
  • Influence by Focusing on Your End-User Needs Not Your Skills and Knowledge
  • Expand by adding key skills to your team and recruiting additional evangelists.

Fireside Chat – Making the Immeasurable Measurable

Twilla Case – VP Enterprise Legal Services, UnitedLex

Sandy Bast – VP Enterprise Legal Services, UnitedLex
Twilla, Sandy and David will chat about Making the Immeasurable Measurable.

Table Discussions and Town Hall

12:30pm – 1:15pm Lunch – Tables switch

Session Three: Innovation in Action – Process Driven

New Table Introductions

Tommy Shen – Senior Manager of Data Analytics, Bloomberg Law

Data-Driven Decision Making in the Legal Industry

Tommy Shen is a data scientist with Bloomberg Law and will discuss data driven decision making in the legal industry as well as investment in the legal space as determined by Bloomberg Law’s research team. He will give an inside view on content creation and the adoption of machine learning technologies, as a practitioner.

Bradley Peacock – Senior Vice President and General Counsel, FedEx Supply Chain

Building an Internal Client Base and Identifying the Metrics that Matter

The need to develop client relationships does not stop when you move in-house. And to effectively do that, we need to identify metrics to measure performance that will matter to the business. Bradley will share his thoughts on this critical topic and describe ways to transform the perception of the Legal Department from cost-center to a value-enabler.

Jamie Berry – Executive Vice President – Litigation Business Unit Leader, Integreon

From Deficiency to Efficiency: How Legal Departments Can Shift from Cost to Profit Centers

Legal Departments constantly look for help to solve on ongoing challenges within their departments. Integreon takes our knowledge and expertise used in more traditional ALSP solutions, applies six sigma processes and develops near-term solutions while also implementing long-term processes to create ongoing efficiencies. These systematic changes can eventually lead to revenue coming into the department as opposed to watching dollars go out the door. Managing Director of Litigation Services, Jamie Berry takes the stage on September 11th to share the story of how Integreon successfully partners together with companies to turn their legal operations department from cost center to profit center.

Deb Tatar – VP Global Corporate Systems, MetLife

Co-creating Innovation with New Service Providers

How Do you on board a new service provider that looks and sounds irresistible? First, funding from significant savings and sunsetting unproductive software and services. Then the hard part of making it work.

Andy Wilson – CEO & Founder, Logikcull

A Shock to the System – How the Cloud is Powering the $300B Legal Services Transformation

Fireside Chat – Perspective of an Innovation Foot Soldier

Jonathan Wilan – Partner, Baker & McKenzie

Table Discussions and Town Hall

Afternoon Break and Table Switch

Session Four: Innovation in Action – People Driven

New Table Introductions

Michael Avalos – Associate General Counsel, Global Compliance, Legal and Regulatory, AIG

Build Your Talent Pipeline Like A Major League Baseball Organization

Law departments can learn a lot in attracting, training, and retaining talent by looking at other industries, particularly professional sports organizations, on how they recruit, train, and optimize bottom-up talent. Michael will share how AIG developed a new talent optimization model, where lawyers are hired right out of law school and placed into a two year rotational program which maximizes their value to the organization and accelerates their legal training. How does this program differ from traditional hiring of experienced lawyers from outside counsel ranks and what impact does this have on the provision of internal legal services and the bottom line to the business.

Catherine Casey – Chief Innovation Officer, DISCO

Transformation Comes from People, Process, and Technology – but not Equally

Catherine Casey Chief Innovation Officer of Disco will talk about Innovations in technology.


NextGEN Legal Talent and Allied Professionals

David Cowen – The Cowen Group, President

We’re in the early stages of building a community of tech-savvy, ultra-resourceful attorneys. These are people trained in the law, but who also possess the critical thinking skills and tech knowledge to help create the future of the legal industry. (If you understand design thinking, that’s even better.)

Sprint Panel on Legal Innovation and Takeaways.

Howard Hill – Manager Legal Operations, General Counsel’s Office, American Express

Brad Rogers – Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Staff, TIAA

David Cunningham – Chief Information Officer, Winston & Strawn LLP

Nick Long – Senior Director of Legal Operations, Reed Smith LLP

Tess Blair – Partner, Morgan Lewis


Table Discussions, Town Hall and Final Thoughts

5:00pm – 6:00pm Cocktails

Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you at our next SOLID.

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