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SOLID West Agenda – Thursday, February 27 2020

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Breakfast and Networking

Hello and Introductions

Table Introductions

Session One: Legal Leads – The Fast Evolving Value of the Corporate Law Department

Jen Warner – VP, Legal, Columbia Sportswear

Becoming an Excellent Leader, The Evolving Role of The Head of Legal and General Counsel

In the midst of our typical day to day responsibilities, how much time do we devote to being an excellent leader? What are the guiding principals that great leaders embody, and how does this affect you as a leader of a legal function subject to constant growth and change.


Emelita Hernandez-Bravo – Head of Legal Operations, Fitbit

Implementing NextGen Technology Can Turn Legal Into a Business Enabeler

NextGen technology can have significant benefits for law departments – that’s great, now what’s next? Emelita will share how implementing a new contracts management tool has put Legal at the center of breaking down traditional expectations and business silos, as the Research and R&D departments have asked to use this same augmented learning platform to non-legal scenarios.


Ryan Nier – Senior Director, Associate General Counsel, Capital One

When Legal Advises the Business, Learning to Swing at More Pitches for Improved Business Stragegy

Ryan relies on his background in software development and screenwriting to succeed as counsel for a new digital business line, transforming how a 100 year old bank is doing business. How do lawyers improve their ability to “speak business,” become more value driven, and embed themselves in improved business strategy?

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Town Hall

Morning Break

Session Two – Bots, Automation and Self Service – The Future Is Now – Technology In Action

Alan Gibson – Assistant General Counsel, Office of Legal Compliance, Microsoft

Technology is Transforming “America’s Pastime” – Why Not Legal?

Bots, technology automation and self service for Legal are being implemented across Fortune 500 companies, but where are the success stories? Combining a growth mindset, a business background, an eye for how technology can be applied in new ways with surprising results,Alan will discuss how Microsoft is using NextGen technology and process, and how you can acheive success too.

Robert Mignanelli – SVP & COO, Legal & Associate General Counsel Technology & Operations, Pearson

Re-engineering Legal – An Ongoing Success Story

Bob will share his ongoing journey in creating the Transactions Services Center – combining technology, workflow and a hybrid service delivery model to reengineer legal, better align to global corporate strategy, and reduce costs of service delivery by 35%.

Kathryn Farrara – Assistant General Counsel, Head of Innovation, Unilever

Paradigm Shift – Digitizing Our Law Department and Embracing an Agile Legal Workforce

What got you here will not take you into the future. What if there were a way to both enhance business value, take advantage of legal expertise and increase fulfillment for employees? Kathyrn will discuss how implementing bots and automation is allowing Unilever’s legal team to embrace the concept of people with purpose, upskilling its workforce, and enhancing (not eliminating) legal roles.

Law Firm Sprint Panel – To Be Announced

Reimagining and Reinventing the Law Firm/Client Relationship

Three Law Firm Innovation Leaders will share what they are doing and how they are doing it to innovate and co-create with clients. Corporations continue to have higher expectations of their outside counsel. How are key law firms generating new ideas, fostering collaboration, and employing NextGen Technology in furtherance of clients’ business goals?

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 


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Session Three: Innovation in Action, What’s New, What’s Now, What’s Next

Tommy Shen – Team Lead, Machine Learning, Bloomberg Industry Group

Data-Driven Decision Making in the Legal Industry

Back by popular demand, Tommy Shen will discuss data driven decision making in the legal industry as well as investment in the legal space as determined by Bloomberg Law’s research team. He will give an inside view on content creation and the adoption of machine learning technologies, from the perspective of what it means to be a data scientist.

Sharon Morrison – Senior Legal Operations Manager, Citrix

Moving Past “Ready Fire Aim” – How to Achieve Measurable Transformation

What does a General Counsel do when previous efforts to distribute work across NextGen talent models have failed? Call on a Legal Operations efficiency expert, of course! Sharon will discuss how 6 months of user experience design is showing measurable results, and the challenge of “slowing your roll” is paying off in more effective and longer lasting improvements.


Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A

Afternoon Break and Table Charge

Table Introductions

Session Four: Talent, Talent, Talent

Susan Packal – Chief Of Staff, Legal, Twilio Inc.

The Role of the Legal Chief of Staff

What does it really mean to be a Legal Chief of Staff for a company experiencing explosive growth? Susan will share what the day to day looks like, the skill sets and core competencies necessary, and the political dynamic of this burgeoning role. The give and take, the opportunity to be the hub for finding business commonalities, the seat at the executive table, and the career path will inspire you.

Bradley Peacock – Senior Vice President and General Counsel, FedEx Supply Chain

Building an Internal Client Base and Identifying the Metrics that Matter.

The need to develop client relationships does not stop when you move in-house. And to effectively do that, we need to identify metrics to measure performance that will matter to the business. Bradley will share his thoughts on this critical topic and describe ways to transform the perception of the Legal Department from cost-center to a value-enabler.

Law Firm Sprint Panel – To Be Announced

Lawyers That Code and Other High Demand NextGen Legal Roles

Law Firms are using data analytics more than ever to hire the right people, especially lawyers that code. Legal has a higher demand for data scientists, strategists and innovation talent from multiple business silos, to address the growing demand from clients to elevate design thinking capabilities, implement innovative solutions to their problems and challenges, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 

Closing Ceremony 

Cocktails and Networking