SOLID Hong Kong – Tuesday, June 4, 2019

8:30am – 9:00am Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00am Welcome Ceremony – Call to Action and Summit Overview

Table Introductions

Session 1: The Big Picture – Macro Drivers of Change

Paul Lanzone – DXC Technology, Vice President | ASIA Legal | WW Transactions, Governance and Technology

“Innovation in action – People, Process and Technology”

We all know the key levers to innovation are people, process and technology. But the right order at the right time can reduce outside legal spend by 30 to 50%. Paul will share his business model, sequence and pace. “The right sequence of people, process and technology can reduce outside legal spend by 50%”.

Fireside chat with Baker McKenzie


Bryant Isbell – Baker McKenzie, Managing Director Global eDiscovery and Data Advisory


Jonathan Voo – Baker McKenzie, Legal Project Manager

Bryant and Jonathan will discuss and describe Baker’s innovation strategy and accomplishments from an internal view. Jonathan’s role is to drive the Firm’s Innovation Strategy including implementing Artificial Intelligence, Linked Data and People and Culture Innovation.

Jo Levy – Intel Corp, VP and General Counsel, Asian Pacific & Japan

“Lawyers to Leaders”

Fast growing global businesses like Intel need lawyers that can lead their businesses. Jo Levy will share her Playbook on turning her top-performing lawyers into business leaders

Table Discussions

Town Hall

Morning Break

Session Two: New Breed of Law Firm Execs Drive Innovation to Next Level

Kiwi Camara – DISCO, CEO

“The Rising Tide of Legaltech – Improving Legal Outcomes Through Technology”

Kiwi Camara, CEO of Disco will talk about investments in the legal eDiscovery and software space and new opportunities this presents across the industry.

Tricia Feng – Schroder Asset Management, Head of Legal, Southeast Asia

“How To Keep Innovation Going”

Daryl Osuch – EY, Senior Manager

“Privacy culture creation in the digital era

Data privacy is fast becoming a macro driver of change. It is a key factor that informs legal matters at all points in the lifecycle. Lets fully embrace the new reality and new challenges and approach this as a cultural problem first, and a technical problem second.

Table Discussions and Town Hall

12:30pm – 1:15pm Lunch – Tables switch

Session Three: Innovation in Action – Process Driven

New Table Introductions

Thomas Thoppil – Hewlett Packard, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel – Asia Pacific & Japan

“Journey of Innovation”

How to transform your law departments business model In 5 easy steps.

Erin Plante – Inventus, Director of Strategy and Consulting

Can we leverage machine learning to improve Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance?

Katrina Johnson – Uber, Associate General Counsel and Head of Legal, Uber Asia-Pacific (HK/Sydney)

“Legal Operations and Operational Excellence”

 Adapting existing technology to free up your legal team and expand their footprint without expanding your budget.

Table Discussions and Town Hall

Afternoon Break and Table Switch

Session Four: Innovation in Action – People Driven

New Table Introductions

Stuart Hall – Relativity, Manager Asia Pacific

Breached, Bothered and Bewildered: How Even the Biggest and Best are at Risk

Data management and data security are topics at the forefront of many conversations these days and even the biggest and best are at risk. Join us to hear the importance of truly understanding your data footprint and what it means to build a culture of security across your business.

Kevin Brocklehurst – AIA, Regional Director of Investment Governance & Legal

From Samurais to a Modern Army – Legal & Governance as a System

Kevin oversees a unique department which combines legal and governance. Breaches, errors and alerts compel a human intervention. essentially looking at what went wrong. Each change made toward automation through technology and (for lawyers) better inputs into the technology, increases the efficiency of functions charged with oversight and assurance. Thus we can test data rather than fly around the region doing manual investigations

David Cowen – The Cowen Group, President

NextGEN Legal Talent and Allied Professionals

We’re in the early stages of building a community of tech-savvy, ultra-resourceful attorneys. These are people trained in the law, but who also possess the critical thinking skills and tech knowledge to help create the future of the legal industry. (If you understand design thinking, that’s even better.)

Table Discussions, Town Hall and Final Thoughts

4:30pm – 6:00pm Cocktails

Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you at our next SOLID.

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