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January 28-29, 2021


October 1-2, 2020



October 1-2, 2020



October 1-2, 2020


The Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption
Great Location • Audacious Mission



SOLID Winter, Agenda – January 28-29, 2021
11:00am – 3:00pm Daily ET

*Content Subject to Change

Day 1 – Jan 28, 11:00am ET

Welcome and Opening Remarks

David Cowen

David Cowen – Founder of SOLID and The Cowen Group

Session One: The State of The Industry

Start Time: 11:10am ET

Kori Carew

Kori Carew – Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

NextGEN Attitudes and Actions – People

Innovation today is so much more than tools and technology. Now we are fast forwarding into culture, collaboration and talent. Kori will share what NextGEN Leaders are doing to innovate the culture, talent and potential of their organizations.

Chris Carsen

Chris Carsen – Founder, Carsen Law PLLC

General Counsel Panel: Harnessing Chaos to Drive Change in Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration.

Chris Carsen will moderate a panel of four leaders in driving diversity through their roles as top legal officers at OSI Group, Abbvie, Twitter and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Chris’ panel will discuss how they have been able to create positive change in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration amidst the chaos of operating during multiple generational crises.


Donna Coaxum- Senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, OSI Group

Jennifer Lagunas – VP, Corporate Legal, Governance, Operations at Abbvie

Stephanie King – VP, Deputy General Counsel, Product & Privacy at Twitter

Nona Lee – The GC of the Arizona Diamondbacks


Bryan Culp – Head of Security Compliance GTM, Box, Inc

The Intersection of Security Compliance, Legal Operations, and Sales

Working in Security Compliance at a hi-tech company, Bryan will share what he’s learned partnering with Legal (and Sales) on security and data protection info and evidence. He’ll suggest steps to increase productivity and impact, and call out a few potential scenarios to watch for.

Breakout Rooms and Townhall

Session Two: The Law Department of The Future

Start Time: 12:45pm ET


Mike Gamson – CEO, Relativity

How Embracing Multifaceted Perspectives Drives Innovation

An Trotter

An Trotter – Senior Director of Operations, Office of the General Counsel, Hearst

How to Modernize and Innovate Your Law Department

An is one of the nations leading experts on innovating the corporate legal department for the future. An will share 5 action items that you can implement immediately.

Ellen Blanchard

Ellen Blanchard – Director, Discovery and Information Governance (DIG), T-Mobile

The Evolving Role of the eDiscovery Executive – Thriving in a Post COVID World

eDiscovery executives are taking on more strategy projects, tasks, responsibilities and working faster. But how do you get a seat at the table when there is no table?

Breakout Rooms and Town hall

Session Three: Measuring Success

Start Time: 02:20pm ET


Jamie Berry – Executive Vice President – Litigation Business Unit Leader, Integreon

And the “I’s” have it!
Ingenuity, Investment and Individuals

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson – Director, Legal Operations and Litigation Support, Toyota North America

Building the law department of the future- without walls – How do you manage and motivate your law department remotely?


Rachi Messing – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Can in-place M365 eDiscovery actually work?

There has been much discussion around using the in-place eDiscovery tools in Microsoft 365 to replace existing workflows, yet the questions remain for many: are M365 Discovery tools ready for prime time and, if so, what skills do eDiscovery practitioners need to successfully manage the environment within a corporation. Rich and Rachi will share the blockers, successes, and lessons learned as their companies adopted the cloud platforms.

Breakout Rooms and Town Hall

Day 2 Oct 2 11:00 am ET

Session One: Diversity and Inclusion as Innovation and Collaboration

Start Time:11:00am ET

The Power of People – Diversity and Inclusion Panel

Dawson Horn
Juanita Luna
Nicholas Long
Laura Maechtlen

Dawson Horn – Associate General Counsel, Vice President, AIG

Juanita Luna – Director of Legal Operations and Administration, Office of the General Counsel, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Leading with listening. Action steps. Pacific Gas & Electric Company starts every meeting with a diversity moment. The results are astounding and palpable.

Nick Long – Senior Director of Legal Operation, Reed Smith LLP

Reverse mentoring program – Nick Long, will explain the work allocation team, and how removing bias & subjectivity, removes burnout- improves quality of talent and levels up talent.

Laura Maechtlen – National Chair, Labor And Employment Department, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

The Seyfarth TRIADE MENTORING PROGRAM launched 8 years ago, produces 95% retention and 70% promotion. Laura will share the details.

Elaine Karp

Elaine Karp – Director, Legal Operations, Baxter International

The Art of Change

The evolving role of the Legal Operations Executive

Nathalie Hofman

Nathalie Hofman – Principal, Forensics – Americas Managed Document Review Leader, EY

Neurodiversity: an important aspect of the diversity & inclusion spectrum

Companies that embrace neurodiversity in workplace gain competitive advantage in many ways, from organizational culture, talent retention, productivity to financial performance. As the D&I chair of EY Forensic & Integrity Services, Nathalie will share the experience of how her organization helps people with neurocognitive challenges thrive in a face-paced corporate environment, and ultimately how the efforts helped boost morale and foster innovation.

Breakout Rooms and Town Hall

Session Two: NextGEN Technology in Action

Start Time: 01:00pm ET

Deirdre Brekke

Deirdre Brekke – Deputy General Counsel, Reynolds Packaging Group

Resource Constraints Can Lead to Empowering People

How does 1 lawyer supports over $1B in business in a company that is budget conscious and subject to growth and change? Deirdre will share her “not so secret” superpowers of collaboration and leveraging teams outside of legal in order to enable the business.


John Albright – Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Hub International

“The Borrowers” – Collaborating with Outside Partners to Access to Advanced Technology and Resources

For all but the largest companies, it can be difficult to justify ROI for NextGen technology. Even an international insurance group with over 500 daily claims, might not have the volume to support enterprise AI platforms. John will share how working with an LPO has allowed his organization to have access to the best analytics, machine learning, and reporting as well as labor arbitrage, allowing them to restructure internal roles and accumen.

Josh Kreamer

Josh Kreamer – Director of eDiscovery, AstraZeneca

Shifting Executive Attitudes and Taking More Risk with Technology

The unintended benefit of the COVID disruption has been a new and enthusiastic willingness on behalf of executive leadership to try new technologies and push them further towards their limits. Prior to COVID executive leadership was more inclined towards complete risk avoidance. Today senior legal leadership is more open to risk mitigation and “good enough”. Josh will share how executive leadership Is fully supportive in a way they would not have been last year. Prior state: shovel the driveway – shovel the walkway – and shovel the lawn. Current state: shovel the driveway and walkway.

David Cunningham

David Cunningham – Chief Information Officer, Winston & Strawn LLP

Fireside Chat: Measuring the Impact of Diversity across the Legal Industry.

A casual chat on a serious topic. With over 120 diversity metrics, innumerable manual surveys and compliance programs, and a market desiring to dig deeper into inclusion, belonging, and equity, we need to pull together to simplify the effort but yet provide proof of impact and value over time. David discusses the journey he is undertaking to support these efforts.

Breakout Rooms and Town Hall

What is SOLID?

SOLID is a TED-STYLE Talk summit focused on innovation and the business of law. Did you ever listen to a great SOLID Talk or panel and wish you had time to engage and brainstorm in real time on how to apply those ideas to your business? 14 speakers will give TED-STYLE talks around the intersection of innovation, advanced technology and the business of law. They share what they are doing, how they are doing it, and the business impact it has.

Our talks are followed by facilitated table talks, sprint panels, and town hall discussions, whereby participants discuss what they know now that they did not know before the session started and how to apply these lessons to their own organizations. SOLID provides participants with maximum interaction with peers and colleagues in a round table, workshop environment to assess current challenges and design concrete solutions.

SOLID Fall 2020 Insights

Natalie Hofman

Monica Enand

Jamie Berry

David Cunningham

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SOLID Events In 2020

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Reasons to Attend SOLID

Our day will be broken into four themed segments focused on innovation and disruption. We will focus on challenges and barriers, identify opportunities for meaningful change, and develop solutions for all market segments.

100 legal professionals and subject matter experts from law departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers, and academics.

Purposefully moderated tables with curated participants from all market segments.

Participants will switch their tables 2 times throughout the day.

“Solid is unique in size, format and quality of participants and presenters. I met so many talented professionals, given the intimate setting I was able to collaborate with others who shared similar challenges, was inspired by the innovative ways others approach them and gained strategic insight into emerging capabilities that I could bring back and apply. It’s a great forum to expand your insights into innovative approaches that are driving real improvements for how corporations deliver legal services. It’s not your ordinary conference if you want to engage in a thought provoking learning experience while expanding your network. I would highly recommend it.”


Deb Tatar


VP Corporate Systems at MetLife

“If you can attend this, I highly recommend it! Compliance Discovery Solutions was at SOLID East last month in NYC. The format allows for an exchange of ideas with a variety of legal professionals. In one day, I felt like I learned as much or more as I’ve learned from multi-day conferences!”


Maria Maccarone


Vice President, Client Solutions at Compliance Discovery Solutions

“Before SOLID I would say I was a bit of an accidental innovator. I was naturally interested in looking for new and better ways to structure and manage my legal department and spend, but I was not aware of the incredible depth of knowledge out there about how to do that most effectively. SOLID brought all of the pieces together for me and allowed me to make lasting connections with others who are innovating within their teams and across the legal industry. I now have a much deeper understanding of how to draw upon a wide array of resources and technology to reshape what we are doing in a way that drives more value for less total spend. It’s also just a really fun and interesting group of people and the whole experience has expanded my circle of go-to colleagues.”


Jennifer Warner


VP Legal at Columbia Sportswear Company

“I think the most valuable thing for me has been the chance to collaborate with, but also to listen to clients. Getting to hear first hand from GC’s and the C-Suite about their pain points and expectations is truly valuable. It really helps us to “sense check” and to ensure we are not only listening, but hearing and acting on what our clients expect and need from their outside counsel.”


Bryant Isbell


Managing Director, Global eDiscovery & Data Advisory at Baker & McKenzie, LLP