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October 7-8, 2021

The Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption
Virtual Experience • Audacious Mission


SOLID Fall, Agenda – October 7-8, 2021

11:00 am – 3:00 pm Daily EST

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Day 1 – October 7, 11:00am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

David Cowen

David Cowen – Founder of SOLID and The Cowen Group

Session One

Start Time: 11:00 AM ET

Christina Wojcik – Director of Legal Tech Innovation, Citi

Preparing The Lawyer of the Future

How do you prepare 1000 in-house lawyers for the legal department of the future…Including automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning? Christina shares how she started with five attorneys, pilot groups and town halls to grow her enthusiastic cohort to over 300.

Candi Smith, CEDS – Senior Technology and eDiscovery Specialist, Jabil

EDiscovery in the Cloud- Multiple Uses for eDiscovery Tools and Technology

As more and more eDiscovery moves to the cloud there is a significant cost savings and opportunities to utilize eDiscovery tools for multiple purposes. Investigations compliance and mitigating risk.

Amy Hinzmann – President, Compliance

Marie Kondo Your Contracts – Do They Spark Joy? Achieving Digital Maturity from eDiscovery to Contract Analytics.

Contract analytics and lifecycle management is an area ripe for digital transformation and is on the precipice of converging with eDiscovery. We’ll explore the AI and workflow philosophy behind this convergence, and we’ll discuss the relevant factors that will help convince your internal stakeholders to take the digital journey.

Stephen Aaronson – Head of Legal IT, Takeda

The Art of the Possible – The Big Picture and Vision of the Future

Join Steve as he gives us his view of the Future of the Law Department, incorporating his experience leading digital innovation and achieving multi-million savings year-over-year in ever-changing environments. How can you define and deliver strategic roadmaps that align business and IT initiatives?

Lisa Ripley – Senior Director | eDiscovery & Information Governance, Oracle

Adaption and Adoption of New Legal Technology – A Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with two experts on change management. Join Tal and Lisa as they discuss how to support , cajole and convince your team to use new technology

Break out Rooms

Town Hall

Session Break

Session Two

Start Time: 1:00 PM ET

Mike Gottschall – Sr eDiscovery Program Manager, McKesson

eDiscovery KPI

For years, the success or failure of eDiscovery has been measured by fairly standard metrics. I’d like explore with you new ways to think about eDiscovery measurement with an eye toward new technologies and correlating with key strategies. I’ll share a few ideas on how to define what it means to win, some ideas on how to accurately measure and calculate KPI, and how best to repeat and communicate the results of KPI across a large enterprise.

Jamie Berry – Executive Vice President | Litigation Business Unit Leader, Integreon

Help Me Help You

Inhouse legal operations professionals face a daunting task in the “next new.” Evolution of the corporate legal department is happening at breakneck speeds and managing up requires valuable data and metrics to show the positive impact of investments of energy, time and money. This conversation will lay out the foundational elements of a metrics-based approach to quantifying value when capabilities and capacity are limited.

Aaron Van Nice – VP | Legal Operations – Legal | Compliance and Government Relations , ADM

Empower your PICs through Standardization and Efficiency

Conducting RFPs is a proven vendor selection technique to select the right vendor and save costs but is often cumbersome and time consuming to do even with dedicated resources. Creating a tool that standardizes the process, eliminates manual steps and has built in tracking for the Professional in Charge (PIC) is a game changer in how we select and engage Outside Counsel for our matters.

Jim Vint – Chief Revenue Officer, Breakwater

Data Lineage – Where Did It Come From, Where Did It Go

Understanding data at rest is only half of the story. What happens to your data while in motion? Data lineage provides a ‘way back machine’ for your organization, enabling you to reconstruct your business at any point in time, and allows you to understand the operational reality of your business in real time.

Neil Etheridge – COO, LitLingo

Fireside Chat with LitLingo COO Neil Etheridge: From Silicon Valley to Silicon Hills

LitLingo’s COO, Neil Etheridge, joins the folks at SOLID for a virtual chat about how his personal and professional journey gave rise to his latest mission: helping businesses communicate better. Listen in to hear how his unique perspective, molded by his upbringing in a family of attorneys and his transformative experiences as an early employee at Uber, allowed him to pivot from helping how the world travels to how businesses communicate in real-time.

Josh Kreamer – Director of Ediscovery, AstraZeneca

eDiscovery is Cool Again

A plethora of new data sources is creating unique opportunities for eDiscovery professionals to elevate and accelerate their careers into information governance, compliance and investigations. How do you get a seat at this table or create the table if it doesn’t yet exist?

Break out Rooms

Town Hall

End of Day Wrap Up

Day 2 – October 8, 11:00am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

David Cowen

David Cowen – Founder of SOLID and The Cowen Group

Session Three

Start Time: 11:00 AM ET

Jeff Salling – Legal Innovation | eDiscovery Counsel | Adjunct Professor | Cross Border | Legal Technology | Data Privacy | Data Analytics

General Evolving Changes In The Industry?

A fireside chat with Jeffrey Salling on the forbidden urbanism change, analytics and new sources of data? What’s now and what’s next?

Adam Rubinger – Executive Vice President, HaystackID

The Power of Partnership

A partnership is not built overnight; it takes time, trust, and all parties to work towards a common goal. In this talk, we will be discussing the key elements to a successful partnership and the mindset behind it.

Sanjay Batra – Chief of Staff | Corporate External Legal Affairs | Global Sales Marketing and Operations, Microsoft

The Evolving Role of the Legal Chief of Staff – aka The COO

The Legal Chief of Staff is an evolving role that encompasses change management, strategy and planning, communications, business management, mapping resources to the business needs and prioritizing projects and talent. Sanjay Batra of Microsoft will offer his insights on what it takes to be a Legal Chief of Staff today and tomorrow.

Kiwi Camara – CEO, DISCO

Full Stack Legaltech: Lessons from Ecommerce

When technological change creates a step function increase in productivity, what happens to an industry and how should industry participants, both buyers and sellers, react? Join Kiwi Camara, founder and CEO of DISCO (NYSE: LAW), for lessons learned from other industry transformations and what they mean for legaltech and the legal industry.

Amanda Fennell – Relativity ODA

The Top Three Security Threats Facing Your Company in 2022

While ransomware attacks will continue to be top-of-mind, what other cybersecurity threats should your firm prepare for in the coming year? Learn more about the changing threat landscape, along with the internal and external threats that might be targeting your firm, in this informative session with Relativity’s CSO and CIO, Amanda Fennell.

Break out Rooms

Town Hall

Session Break

Session Four

Start Time: 1:00 PM ET

Emily Mcintoch – Forensic & Integrity Services Manager, EY

Robotics Process Automation in eDiscovery: Putting Buzzwords into Action

Joann Stoiner – Chief Data Officer, Mastercard

Your year-end review and had to partner with your boss to get from “Now 2 Next”.

Joanne will share inside tips and advice on how to be prepared for a year in review and make your boss your partner in an effort to get from “Now 2 Next”.

Hint: Know what questions you want to ask, directions you may want to go in, and be willing to ask about the skills gap you need to fill in order to align with the firm’s big picture.

Sharon Morrison – Director | Legal Operations, Chewy

The Evolving Role of the Legal Chief of Staff

The role of the Legal Chief of Staff is a career accelerator for those that know the benefits and how to make it work.

Sharon will share the pros and cons and secrets of how to get the most out of this opportunity.

Hint: Access to executive leadership, deep insights into corporate priorities and development of executive presence.

Adam Rouse – Sr. Counsel and Director of eDiscovery Operations, Walgreens

What the Future Looks Like – Beyond AI

Town Hall

End of Day Wrap Up

What is SOLID?

SOLID is a TED-STYLE Talk summit focused on innovation and the business of law. Did you ever listen to a great SOLID Talk or panel and wish you had time to engage and brainstorm in real time on how to apply those ideas to your business? 14 speakers will give TED-STYLE talks around the intersection of innovation, advanced technology and the business of law. They share what they are doing, how they are doing it, and the business impact it has.

Our talks are followed by facilitated table talks, sprint panels, and town hall discussions, whereby participants discuss what they know now that they did not know before the session started and how to apply these lessons to their own organizations. SOLID provides participants with maximum interaction with peers and colleagues in a round table, workshop environment to assess current challenges and design concrete solutions.

SOLID Fall 2020 Insights

Emmer Kelly
American Express
Sheila Dusseau
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Ron McNulty and Shawn Clark TT
Ford Motor Co
Eric Odonnell
Total SA

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Reasons to Attend SOLID

Our day will be broken into four themed segments focused on innovation and disruption. We will focus on challenges and barriers, identify opportunities for meaningful change, and develop solutions for all market segments.

100 legal professionals and subject matter experts from law departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers, and academics.

Purposefully moderated tables with curated participants from all market segments.

Participants will switch their tables 2 times throughout the day.

“Solid is unique in size, format and quality of participants and presenters. I met so many talented professionals, given the intimate setting I was able to collaborate with others who shared similar challenges, was inspired by the innovative ways others approach them and gained strategic insight into emerging capabilities that I could bring back and apply. It’s a great forum to expand your insights into innovative approaches that are driving real improvements for how corporations deliver legal services. It’s not your ordinary conference if you want to engage in a thought provoking learning experience while expanding your network. I would highly recommend it.”


Deb Tatar


VP Corporate Systems at MetLife

“If you can attend this, I highly recommend it! Compliance Discovery Solutions was at SOLID East last month in NYC. The format allows for an exchange of ideas with a variety of legal professionals. In one day, I felt like I learned as much or more as I’ve learned from multi-day conferences!”


Maria Maccarone


Vice President, Client Solutions at Compliance Discovery Solutions

“Before SOLID I would say I was a bit of an accidental innovator. I was naturally interested in looking for new and better ways to structure and manage my legal department and spend, but I was not aware of the incredible depth of knowledge out there about how to do that most effectively. SOLID brought all of the pieces together for me and allowed me to make lasting connections with others who are innovating within their teams and across the legal industry. I now have a much deeper understanding of how to draw upon a wide array of resources and technology to reshape what we are doing in a way that drives more value for less total spend. It’s also just a really fun and interesting group of people and the whole experience has expanded my circle of go-to colleagues.”


Jennifer Warner


VP Legal at Columbia Sportswear Company

“I think the most valuable thing for me has been the chance to collaborate with, but also to listen to clients. Getting to hear first hand from GC’s and the C-Suite about their pain points and expectations is truly valuable. It really helps us to “sense check” and to ensure we are not only listening, but hearing and acting on what our clients expect and need from their outside counsel.”


Bryant Isbell


Managing Director, Global eDiscovery & Data Advisory at Baker & McKenzie, LLP