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SOLID West, San Francisco
February 28, 2019





SOLID West, San Francisco
February 28, 2019



SOLID West, San Francisco
February 28, 2019



SOLID West, San Francisco
February 28, 2019


The Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption
Great Location • Audacious Mission


SOLID West Agenda – Thursday, February 28 2019

*Content Subject to Change

08:30 – 09:00 Breakfast and Networking

Hello and Introductions

Table Introductions

Session One: The Big Picture – Macro Drivers of Change

“Shape Your Future: People to Systems”

Jay Angelo – Head of Legal Tech/Innovation and Divisional General Counsel, Smiths Group PLC

Two years ago Smiths Group looked at where their legal department was, where it was going, and what it needed to do next to get to the future. Jay embraces the vision of AI shaping the future of law and thinks there is more corporate legal executives can do to build the bridge to that future, more than the piecemeal, project based deployment of legal technology. Smiths Group built its own external law consultancy, using senior-level executives from top-ranked law firms and is now turning the pyramid upside down – combining confident, experienced decision makers with great tech and great data to make faster and better decisions. General Counsel needs to take the first steps on the bridge to the future of law themselves in order to really own the future of the industry, rather than just being the buyers of legal technology.

“Law Firm of the Future”

Bennett Borden – Chief Data Scientist & Chair IG Group, Drinker Biddle & Reath

Data science and nextGEN technology combined with collaborative legal talent are revolutionizing the delivery of legal services making it possible to exceed current client expectations and attract new clients and practice groups.

Bennett will share his strategies and tactics on :

  • How to combine data science and NextGEN Legal Talent to grow your practice and delight your clients.
  • How to increase profit margins by 400% and reduce the client bill by 50%.

“The General Counsel’s Requirements Today: Fixer to Founder”

Alexia Maas – SVP, General Counsel, Volvo Financial Services

Alexia Maas will share her thoughts around the evolving role of the general counsel, from reactive legalist to proactive legal entrepreneur, and the impact this evolution has on outside counsel and the procurement of legal services.

“The Economics of Collaboration”

Stephen Allen – Global Head of Legal Operations, Innovation Lead at Hogan Lovells

“Hogan Lovells is rapidly evolving the delivery of legal services business model by quarterbacking companies like elevate and FTI with their clients. This new and transparent business model allows a far more efficient and valued outcome between all parties. Hogan understands the intricacies of the legal issues and leverages the “significant technology investments” of Elevate and FTI to bring advanced automation and superior outcomes to our clients. This is the new normal”.

“Wheels Up and Standby for All-Call: Bringing Security to the Forefront”

Amanda Fennell – Chief Security Officer, Relativity
From airports to your very own laptop, security is a critical part of any modern organization. Yet, the legal industry often struggles to bring the topic of security to the forefront of every conversation. How can you ensure your and your clients’ data is protected? Attend this session to learn a few impactful takeaways of a robust cybersecurity program and what it takes to keep your data safe.

“Fireside Chat”

Bryant Isbell – Managing Director Global eDiscovery and Data Advisory, Baker McKenzie

David and Bryant will discuss the benefits and challenges of working in a global position.

Table Discussions

Town Hall

Morning Break

Session Two: Innovation in Action – Corporate Use Cases 

“See The Matrix: Leveraging Predictive Analytics”

Don Walther – EVP & General Counsel, Esterline Technologies Corporation

Change is coming far faster than our outside counsel recognizes and far too slowly for our internal stakeholders”. Don will share his Experience with successful predictive analytic projects that mitigate risk for his firm and Board of Directors.

“Making the Invisible Visible: Negotiating Better Deals”

Kristi Anne Gedid – Senior Director, Global Legal Operations, Mylan 

Pennie Phelps-Valentine – Director, Global Strategic Sourcing, Mylan

How do corporate counsel get more from their current data and resources to renegotiate relationships with their Outside Counsel? Kristi and Pennie will discuss the top three benefits of their process (reduced costs, increased collaboration/transparency and generation of new ideas), how they got started using resources they already had, and provide insight to what’s next for identifying new technology and nudging their law firms from Now to Next.

“Law Firm Innovation In Action“

Anusia Gillespie – Director of Innovation, Eversheds Sutherland

Innovation is not new but the intensity, complexity and rate of change is. In this new normal, law firms need to rely on established innovation practices and collaboration with clients, internal resources and business partners. Eversheds Sutherland will share two examples of their substantive innovation program – which is having an impact on clients, their practices groups and the firm.

“The Rising Tide of Legaltech – Improving Legal Outcomes Through Technology”

Kiwi Camara – CEO, DISCO

Kiwi Camara, CEO of Disco will talk about investments in the legal eDiscovery and software space and new opportunities this presents across the industry.

“Cultural Change is the Hardest Part”

Ben Allgrove – Principal, R&D, Baker McKenzie

“Ben will talk about how Baker McKenzie is approaching the challenge of culture change, both internally and at clients, the success and failures that they have had, and the lessons learned”.

“Innovation in Corporate Legal: What We Have Learned”

Eduardo Ruiz Montoya – Vice President & Legal Chief of Staff, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
In 2015 the Chief Legal Officer of HP committed to driving and supporting a law department of the future. Eduardo will give an overview of the HP Legal innovation mandate plus examples of innovation in action with a focus on 1 project that utilizes simple analytics to make the department more effective. Knowing exactly when to in source and when to outsource various matters and projects.

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 

12:30 – 01:15 Lunch

New Table Introductions

Session Three: Innovation in Action – Process Driven

“The Changing Legal Landscape – The Big 4”

Stephen Poor – Chair Emeritus, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

The Big Four are outspending, out hiring and out investing Big Law by a significant margin.

What’s the impact of The Big Four on the business of law and the AmLaw 200? And how are the Fortune 1000 General Counsel and corporate boards reacting to this behemoth aggressively courting their legal spend.

“Change Agents – Navigating Through Increased Complexity”

Ali Khorasanee – VP & General Counsel of AGS and SPG Segments, Applied Materials

It’s easy to think that tomorrow can be different from today, but it takes a lot of hard work to make that happen. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for law departments to provide value added services to the business, drive direction, and help the Board think through alternative business models. As lawyers and executives, our future is to be the voice of new opportunities for the business and change the dynamic within the law department.

“Teaching Attorneys to Fish: The Impact of Expert Systems”

Scott Rechtschaffen – Chief Knowledge Officer, Littler 

Expert Systems will be the new normal For every lawyer within the next five years. Learn how Littler is ramping up their newbies, partners and clients for the future.

“In-House Discovery for the Win”

Patrick Barry – COO, Logikcull 

Mira Edelman

Changes to the law and improvements in technology mean that corporate legal teams can deliver a huge win for the business by managing the first stages of discovery in house. Learn how from Mira Edelman, who did it at Google and Facebook.

“Legal Leads – Partnering with the Business to Support Innovation”

Wendy Callaghan – Chief Innovation Legal Officer and Associate General Counsel, AIG

Providing legal support for innovation requires close partnership with the business or function area. The role of the attorney is to ensure that novel issues are addressed in an agile way while still ensuring compliance. The most critical aspect of what Wendy will be sharing is the importance of finding balance between maintaining a flexible mindset and protecting the company.

“$2 Billion and Counting”

Michael Bryant – Operating Partner, KNOX Capital Holdings

“Michael will share with us why the private equity space loves the NextGEN legal technology industry.”

“An Insider’s View: Big 4 in Law, in Context”

Jonathan Nystrom – Executive Director, EY

Jonathan will talk about reframing the way the market thinks about “law.” In particular:

  • What got you here won’t keep you here
  • The role of allied professionals
  • Thriving in a rapidly evolving ecosystem
  • What exponential technology really means for the legal world.

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A

Afternoon Break and Table Charge

Table Introductions

Session Four: Innovation in Action – People Driven

“Build Your Talent Pipeline Like A Major League Baseball Organization”

Michael Avalos – Assistant General Counsel, AIG

Law departments can learn a lot in attracting, training, and retaining talent by looking at other industries, particularly professional sports organizations, on how they recruit, train, and optimize bottom-up talent. Michael will share how AIG developed a new talent optimization model, where lawyers are hired right out of law school and placed into a two year rotational program which maximizes their value to the organization and accelerates their legal training. How does this program differ from traditional hiring of experienced lawyers from outside counsel ranks and what impact does this have on the provision of internal legal services and the bottom line to the business.

“Fireside Chat – Race to the Top”

Twilla Case – VP Enterprise Legal Services, UnitedLex

Sandy Bast – VP Enterprise Legal Services, UnitedLex
Twilla, Sandy and David will chat about new business models of corporate legal departments.

“Tomorrow’s Lawyers”

Shawn Clark – Attorney, Ford Motor Company

Ronald Mcnulty – Attorney, Ford Motor Company


Forgiveness and NextGEN Legal Talent :

Over the past three years, The FORD Legal Department has hired completely out of the box NextGEN Legal Talent to shake up and collaborate with the General Counsel, legal operations, procurement and business units. NextGEN talent equals, JD’s with deep software development experience and data analytics experience.

Their results are remarkable and innovative. 


“Fireside Chat”

Michael Conner – Director of Global Business Development, NightOwl Discovery

David and Mike will discuss evolving changes in client requests from their legal service providers and the new opportunities this presents.



“Now to Next – Leaders of the Future”

Peter Buck – VP Product Strategy, Net Documents

Sprint Panel moderated by Peter Buck


Ali Shahidi – Chief Innovation Officer, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

Suzette Allaire – Chief Innovation Officer, Ballard Spahr LLP

Ryan Schlunz – Chief Administrative & Innovation Officer, Stoel Rives LLP

David Wang – Corporate Strategic Innovation Counsel, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Andrew Sprogis – Chief Innovation Officer, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

The rise of the Chief Innovation Officer. More and more law firms have been adding the Chief Innovation Officer role over the past year. What are these positions? What are the skills, competency and experience required to be successful in these roles? How do you measure success? And, what’s next for these professionals and your career

“Now to Next – Leaders of the Future”

DAVID COWEN – CEO, The Cowen Group

Moderated By DAVID COWEN

The rise of the Corporate Legal Chief of Staff. Corporate law departments are adding a legal Chief of Staff role. What are these positions? What are the skills, competency and experience required to be successful in these roles? How do you measure success? And, what’s next for these professionals and your career?


Alex Jonas – Senior Manager, Legal Operations and Legal Chief of Staff, Autodesk

Eva Lehman – Chief of Staff and Vice President Global Legal Operations, Western Digital

Eduardo Ruiz Montoya – Vice President & Legal Chief of Staff, Hewlett Packard

Designing Your Innovation: Ready, Set, Go!

Douglas Ferguson – President, Voltage Control

Much of our day will be spent discussing the art of and trend towards co-creation. After a full day of informative and instructive speakers, Douglas will share what to do next and how to jump into action, using an examples from his work with a corporate department.


Table Discussions and Takeaways

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 

Closing Ceremony 

05:00 to 6:00 Cocktails and Networking  

What is SOLID?

SOLID is a TED Talk style summit focused on innovation and the business of law. Did you ever listen to a great SOLID Talk or panel and wish you had time to engage and brainstorm in real time on how to apply those ideas to your business? 14 speakers will give TED-style talks around the intersection of innovation, advanced technology and the business of law. They share what they are doing, how they are doing it, and the business impact it has.

Our talks are followed by facilitated table talks, sprint panels, and town hall discussions, whereby participants discuss what they know now that they did not know before the session started and how to apply these lessons to their own organizations. SOLID provides participants with maximum interaction with peers and colleagues in a round table, workshop environment to assess current challenges and design concrete solutions.

SOLID Insight



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SOLID Events In 2019-2020

Corporate Legal Executives & General Counsels

Law Firm Executives & Counsels

Technology Companies & Allied Professionals

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Reasons to Attend SOLID

Our day will be broken into four themed segments focused on innovation and disruption. We will focus on challenges and barriers, identify opportunities for meaningful change, and develop solutions for all market segments.

100 legal professionals and subject matter experts from law departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers, and academics.

Purposefully moderated tables with curated participants from all market segments.

Participants will switch their tables 2 times throughout the day.

“Solid is unique in size, format and quality of participants and presenters. I met so many talented professionals, given the intimate setting I was able to collaborate with others who shared similar challenges, was inspired by the innovative ways others approach them and gained strategic insight into emerging capabilities that I could bring back and apply. It’s a great forum to expand your insights into innovative approaches that are driving real improvements for how corporations deliver legal services. It’s not your ordinary conference if you want to engage in a thought provoking learning experience while expanding your network. I would highly recommend it.”


Deb Tatar


VP Corporate Systems at MetLife

“If you can attend this, I highly recommend it! Compliance Discovery Solutions was at SOLID East last month in NYC. The format allows for an exchange of ideas with a variety of legal professionals. In one day, I felt like I learned as much or more as I’ve learned from multi-day conferences!”


Maria Maccarone


Vice President, Client Solutions at Compliance Discovery Solutions

“Before SOLID I would say I was a bit of an accidental innovator. I was naturally interested in looking for new and better ways to structure and manage my legal department and spend, but I was not aware of the incredible depth of knowledge out there about how to do that most effectively. SOLID brought all of the pieces together for me and allowed me to make lasting connections with others who are innovating within their teams and across the legal industry. I now have a much deeper understanding of how to draw upon a wide array of resources and technology to reshape what we are doing in a way that drives more value for less total spend. It’s also just a really fun and interesting group of people and the whole experience has expanded my circle of go-to colleagues.”


Jennifer Warner


VP Legal at Columbia Sportswear Company

“I think the most valuable thing for me has been the chance to collaborate with, but also to listen to clients. Getting to hear first hand from GC’s and the C-Suite about their pain points and expectations is truly valuable. It really helps us to “sense check” and to ensure we are not only listening, but hearing and acting on what our clients expect and need from their outside counsel.”


Bryant Isbell


Managing Director, Global eDiscovery & Data Advisory at Baker & McKenzie, LLP