SOLID East Summit Agenda, Thursday September 13, 2018 

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Registration and Networking Breakfast 8:00am-8:45am

Welcome Ceremony 

Table Introductions

Session One: “Business of Law: Vision of the Future.”
Succeeding at the intersection of artificial intelligence, advanced technologies and the business of law.

“The Changing Legal Landscape and the Elephant in the Room – Denial is Not a Strategy” 15min SOLID Keynote
Stephen Poor, Chair Emeritus at Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Stephen Poor will be delivering a detailed market landscape around the Big 4, their impact on the business of law, and how they will transform legal services in the coming years. Stephen believes the Big 4 are the biggest driver of change
that no one is picking up on.  Are they on your radar screen? With a combined force of over 8,000 global attorneys and over $160 billion in revenue, they should be. As the Big 4 rapidly grow in the U.K., Stephen believes they will disrupt the United States sooner than most predict. If you put together the moving puzzle pieces of the Big 4 – their size, intention, rapid expansion and acquisitions, combined force – you begin to see the bigger emerging picture. It may not be by tomorrow, or even December, but within the next 12-24 months, we will all begin to feel their impact.

“Strategy or Gravity: Your Choice” 7min SOLID Talk 

Bobbi Basile, Managing Director at HBR Consulting

“The In-House Counsel’s Point of View” 7min SOLID Talk 

Mark Smolik, VP, General Counsel & Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer at DHL Supply Chain

Mark Smolik will share his thoughts around the evolving role of the general counsel, from reactive legalist to proactive legal entrepreneur, and the impact this evolution has on outside counsel and the procurement of legal services. 

“The Expanding Business Relationship and Partnership Between the General Counsel & Outside Counsel”
7min SOLID Talk

Jennifer Suess, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary at RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

Jennifer Suess will share how her relationship with outside counsel has evolved into a business partnership, it is no longer corporate versus law firm. She believe now more than ever, you must be aligned with the mission and vision of your organization, and bringing outside counsel in and along is mission critical for the relationship. When outside counsel act as business consultants and go above and beyond being a “traditional” legal advisor, they are able to drive significant value in their organization. She will share what new ways there are to collaborate and co-create, and how to have both outside counsel and corporate legal departments add value to their organizations. 

“The New Law Firm Model” 7min SOLID Talk

Jason Tyrrell, Director of Litigation Support Technology at Sidley Austin LLP

How law firms are embracing new technology and changing traditional models to become more disruptive. Jason will share how alternative billings brings value to clients and saves millions of dollars in legal support and spend. He will also highlight the power and value of re-usable data, revenue stream and new AI technology. 

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Morning Break

Session Two: “Innovation in Action – Corporate Use Cases.” 

“How to Design, Develop and Deploy ‘AI Legal Bots’ For Your Department” 7min SOLID Talk 

Amy Sellars, Associate General Counsel, Legal Operations and Innovation Group at Walmart

20% of Walmart’s low-value, low-margin legal work is being automated by an AI legal bot. Amy will share her experience as a case study for AI and innovation in action. How do you start an AI legal bot initiative? How do you get the buy-in, resources and authority to jump-start a successful program? 

“Moving the Market Together” 7min SOLID Talk

Jennifer Warner, VP Legal at Columbia Sportswear Company 

Jen will talk about how to drive meaningful change in the way legal services are provided, priced and consumed with a market-based approach and a call to action to in-house legal teams to strive to be more informed, strategic and collaborative consumers. 


“The Epic Hero Journey” 7min SOLID Talk

Kristi Anne Gedid, Senior Director, Global Legal Operations at Mylan Pharmaceuticals

What and how are legal operations acting as a driver of change? What is the impact of global legal operations on the procurement of legal services? What are the elevated expectations that a global legal operations director has on our law firms, service providers and nextGEN new technology? How does Mylan manage a global legal operations juggernaut across 142 countries?

Table Discussions and Takeaways

Fireside Chat with Steven Horan and Seth Eichenholtz – 7min

Steven Horan, Executive Chariman at Modus Discovery


Seth Eichenholtz, Head of Electronic Discovery at Mastercard  







Fireside Chat with Bryant Isbell – 7min

Bryant Isbell, Managing Director, Global eDiscovery & Data Advisory at Baker McKenzie




Working Group Overview – CINO, Women to Know, Legal Workforce of the Future

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 

Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm

New Table Introductions

Session Three: “Evolving Business Models, Groundbreaking Projects – Innovation in Practice.” 

“Law Firm Panels and How to Make Them Work” 7min SOLID Talk

Vivek Hatti, Director, Legal Operations at Avis Budget Group

Avis reduced their outside counsel from 700 to 7. There is no shortage of controversy around the pros and cons of law firm panels. What are the five steps to make it work?

“The Future of Blockchain” 7min SOLID Talk

Diana Stern, Legal Innovation Designer at Baker & Hostetler LLP 

Katherine Lowry, Director of Practice Services at Baker & Hosterler LLP

Clients are intrigued by the capabilities of blockchain, but are unclear on how to achieve business value in the enterprise context. What should corporate law departments know about blockchain? How is this market evolving?

“Deploying a Monkey in Space” 7min SOLID Talk

Jeffrey Marple, Innovation Director, Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Jeff will share how Liberty Mutual is implementing change and advancing innovation within a corporate legal department setting. He will be sharing his favorite technique: “Deploying a Monkey in Space.” 

Table Discussions and Takeaways

 “Insight: One Journey to Build a Solution” 7min SOLID Talk

Jordan Domash, GM Insight at Relativity

A member of Relativity since 2014, Jordan Domash is the creator and project lead of Insight, a proactive compliance and monitoring application created on the Relativity platform. Jordan will share the story of Insight and audience members will learn how they can use existing technology either in-house or through their outside counsel/service providers to solve a wide array of their problems across IG, compliance, and discovery.

“Engineering Super-humans with Augmented Intelligence” 7min SOLID Talk   

Nazir Shwayhat, Solutions Architect at Brainspace, a Cyxtera Business

The first 48 hours of an investigation is the most critical when identifying who knew what and when. Accurate analysis can have a dramatic impact on legal risk. In addition, corporate data continues to grow, in volume and complexity with over 90% of the world’s data being generated in the last 3 years. Companies continue to spend millions of dollars annually on litigation service providers and law firms that specialize in early data analysis and document review. Our augmented intelligence platform builds Super-human investigators, analysts, and attorneys by creating a seamless symbiotic relationship between the human and machine. 

“Are You Blockbuster or Netflix? Why Smart Legal Teams Innovate through Simplicity” 7min SOLID Talk   

Amy Sellars, Associate General Counsel, Legal Operations and Innovation Group at Walmart

Patrick Barry, COO at Logikcull 


In 2008, the then CEO of Blockbuster famously stated, “Netflix is not even on our radar screen in terms of
competition.” Fast forward a decade: Blockbuster is out of business, while Netflix has
surged to a $150 billion
market cap. Why? Ease of use, accessibility, speed, convenience… In a word, cloud. Now, as software eats the rest of the world, corporate legal teams are increasingly taking notice — innovating through simplicity to the tune of lower costs, more control, faster time 
to value and less dependence on outside vendors.


Afternoon Break

Session Four: “From Now to Next: Building the Legal Workforce of the Future.” 

“The Next Generation of In-House Talent” 7min SOLID Talk

Robert Taylor, VP, Senior Corporate Counsel at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Bob Taylor will share how Liberty Mutual is partnering with top law schools to hire recent or new graduates to staff the future of their legal department. This is more new tech talent than you may think. 

“Building the Right Team with Data Driven Hiring” 7min SOLID Talk

Beau Mersereau, Director, Applications, Development and Support at Fish & Richardson P.C.

New innovative ways to utilize competency modeling when building a team. Beau Mersereau, ILTA’s 2017 IT professional of the year, explains how by using simulations, technical testing and cognitive assessments, you can better project who is the right person for the right role.


Fireside Chat with Twilla Case and Sandy Bast – 7min

Twilla Case, Vice President, Global Legal Solutions at UnitedLex Corporation


Sandy Bast, Vice President, Global Legal Services at UnitedLex Corporation


Table Discussions and Takeaways

Fireside Chat with Dera Nevin – 5min

Dera Nevin, Senior Associate, International Commercial at Baker McKenzie



Fireside Chat with Adi Elliott – 7min

Adi Elliott, Chief Talent & Marketing Officer at NightOwl Discovery





“The Importance of Communities of Practice to the Culture of Wellness and High Performance ”

7min SOLID Talk  

Gina Taranto, Director of Organizational Development at ProSearch Strategies 

As a leader of growth and development of ProSearch, Gina directs training and wellness programs to develop career paths in order to scale delivery of eDiscovery services. She will tell the story of how ProSearch has developed a culture of transparency, trust, peer-to-peer learning, and accountability during a rapid growth phase. By the end of Gina’s SOLID Talk, the audience will be inspired to consider how a culture of transparency, feedback and happiness might be an asset to their own businesses.

Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A 

Closing Ceremony 

Cocktails and Networking 5:00pm-6:30pm