Summit On Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) is filled with SOLID 7-minute talks, fireside chats and sprint-panels to showcase and explore innovation at the intersections of talent, process, technology and the business of law. Presentations are meant to intrigue, excite and promote discussion during the follow up workshops.

The audience for SOLID consists of senior corporate counsel; legal operations, CINOs, CIOs, data privacy, information governance, and eDiscovery executives from the Fortune 500 companies, and select outside counsel and allied professionals.

Do you have a SOLID idea? We are eager to hear it! Please do not submit a pitch for your product. All presentations will be carefully curated.

Remember, these SOLID Talks will act as a 7-minute mini-case study on what innovative ideas, technology and business models are actually working in the space today.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, bmp.

    Please supply a high-resolution photo you wish us to use to advertise your talk and your speaker profile. The photo should be at least 500px x 500px in size.